Hand Sanitizer and Dispensing Units

Like they always advised us growing up, wash your hands with soap and water as frequently as possible. Most of us saw it as our elders being pests but these days we can see the wisdom in the training all those years ago. Thanks to the pandemic, we need to sanitize our hands as frequently as possible and wash our hands with soap and water. This has been the practice for months now and at GT Face Mask Supplies ensure our customers have the highest level of protection with hospital grade Hand Sanitisers and dispensing units perfect for daily usage by you, your loved ones or colleagues at work.

Modern Appearance

The more attractive the dispensing unit, the more likely a child or adult will use it. If you notice even at supermarkets and mall toilets people tend to use the dispensing unit more once it’s attractive and well maintained. The coronavirus pandemic has made that all the more unavoidable, so ensure you make the best use of our NSAI and SWIFT complaint products to stay safe at such a challenging time.

Easy to Use

The sanitizers are modern, flexible and easy to use. They come in different shapes and sizes as such are convenient to stick in your purse or big travelling bag. The ease of use is super essential as kids are going back to school and they’ll need to use the portable sanitizers as frequently as possible

Easy to Install

The dispensing units available in store are not just attractive and easy to use, they are also easy to install. It’s super convenient as no one really wants workmen rummaging all over their house or workplace in a period where social distancing is advised. All you need is the manual provided by us in your box and you’ll be able to install your very own NSAI and SWIFT complaint GT dispensing unit.


We are an Irish Company well positioned to cater for all your PPE needs, all our products are fully compliant with NSAI and SWIFT specifications, standards and recommended guidelines.