GT Supplies-Extended Product Range

At GT Face Mask Supplies due to the demands of dealing with a broad customer base we add daily to our exciting product range from Clothing, footwear, to creams and lotions.
We have sourced the very best suppliers home and abroad ensuring we find a product or solution to your needs.
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Our Mission is ‘Protecting you and yours when it matters the most’. We pride ourselves in delivering the very best products to you and yours at extremely low prices with free nationwide delivery. We also provide an extended product range including:

Toilet Paper

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic it’s no surprise that people have been rushing to stores and stockpiling on toilet paper and other amenities. There’s nothing wrong in that, but let’s give you a piece of advice. There’s a remarkable difference in quality and why not go for the best? At GT we offer our customers the best toilet papers which are NSAI and SWIFT complaint. They serve all the purposes and would be a great asset in this dire period all over the globe.


Sanitizers and dispensing units are good but nothing beats properly produced disinfectants. Medical doctors and renowned health care personnel have advised us to regularly disinfect surfaces because no one really knows how long the coronavirus will last on them. You can message us for more details and place your orders for the best NSAI and SWIFT complaint disinfectants in the market today.

First Aid Kits

No one knows tomorrow and every proper household needs a complete first aid kit. This would help you stay ready just in case an emergency arises and if you’re going for a first aid kit why not go for the best? Looking for the best, then look no further than what we got at GT. We are just a direct message away and we provide quality at cost effective prices. Just ask around!

So what are you waiting for? Hit up our customer’s service line and tell us what kind of adult face masks you need, we got you covered every step of the journey till the pandemic subsides.