Adults-Disposable and Reusable Face Masks

At GT Face Mask Supplies we ensure that you get the very best quality merchandise dispatched and delivered to your door within the shortest time period by using trusted couriers nationwide. We do this by giving our esteemed customers the best of resources and this helps them combat this strange virus in the best way possible. So what are you waiting for? Contact our customer etc and we will guide you every step of the way throughout this Pandemic and beyond.

Our disposable and reusable adult face masks have awesome qualities about them such as:

Soft and breathable

They are super soft and perfect for breathing making them worthy of use even if you are wearing glasses. Usually one of the complaints customers have regarding the reusable adult face masks is the fact that most of them are made of a hard material but at GT we ensure that’s never a problem. We ensure all our products are NSAI and SWIFT complaint which makes us a worthy supplier of your pandemic supplies.


Our adult face masks are anatomically inspired hence they work perfectly for most adult faces, covering the mouth, nose and chin. This is a welcome development as during the initial stage of the pandemic most customers had reservations about the reusable face masks due to the lack of adaptation in them.


While we have taken ample time to educate you on our unique reusable adult face masks it would be foolhardy to ignore the classic disposable ones we have in store. These masks are finely made, medically certified and they’re perfect for adults of all ages and face types. This coupled with the professional tests and NSAI compliant status should surely swing the pendulum in your favor.

So what are you waiting for? Hit up our customer’s service line and tell us what kind of adult face masks you need, we got you covered every step of the journey till the pandemic subsides.